Jira Markdown

          h1. Biggest heading
          h2. Bigger heading
          h3. Big heading
          h4. Normal heading
          h5. Small heading
          h6. Smallest heading
          Text Effects
          Notation	         Comment
          *strong*        Makes text strong.
          _emphasis_      Makes text emphasis. (Italisized)
          ??citation??    Makes text in citation.
          -deleted-       Makes text as deleted.
          +inserted+      Makes text as inserted.
          ^superscript^   Makes text in superscript.
          ~subscript~     Makes text in subscript.
          {{monospaced}}  Makes text as monospaced.
          bq.             Some block quoted text
          Any word wrapped with two tildes (like ~~this~~) will appear crossed out.
          Quote Block
             here is quotable
             content to be quoted
          Color Text
              look ma, red text!
          Unordered Bullet list:
          * some
          * bullet
          ** indented
          ** bullets
          * points
          or different bullet type:
          - different
          - bullet
          - types
          Numbered Bullet list:
          # a
          # numbered
          # list
          Numbered Bullet list with sub bullet lists:
          # a
          # numbered
          #* with
          #* nested
          #* bullet
          # list
          {panel:title=Case Sensitive}
          Identifiers (Names). All identifiers (names) in Gears adhere to the same identifier
          syntax rules.  An identifier must begin with a letter, underscore (_), or currency
          symbol ($), followed by any number of letters, digits, underscores, or currency symbols.
          Identifiers may not begin with digits and may not includes spaces. Identifiers are case
          or simple panel
          preformatted piece of text
          or colored panel
          Confluenace panel title background color LT2 Orange: #FBB117
          Yellow Title and Orange Body (For Verification Steps)
          {panel:title=Verification Steps:|borderStyle=dashed|borderColor=#ccc|titleBGColor=#FBB117|bgColor=#FFF533}
          Green Title and Blue Body (For Meeting Notes)
          {panel:title=Meeting Notes:|borderStyle=dashed|borderColor=#ccc|titleBGColor=#33FF64|bgColor=#33DEFF}
          Orangish Title and Yellow Body (For Implementation)
          {panel:title=Meeting Notes:|borderStyle=dashed|borderColor=#ccc|titleBGColor=#FF5033|bgColor=#F1FF33}
          ||heading 1||heading 2||heading 3||
          |col A1|col A2|col A3|
          |col B1|col B2|col B3|
          Source Code
          // Some comments here
          public String getFoo()
              return foo;
          Hypertext Links
          HTTP link  -> [Atlassian|http://atlassian.com]  Will put hypertext in the document.
          File Download link -> [file:///z:/file/on/network/share.txt]
          [My UI|http://myuiserver:8080/myui]
          :)	:(	:P	:D	;)	(y)	(n)	(i)	(/)	(x)	(!)
          (+)	(-)	(?)	(on)	(off)	(*)	(*r)	(*g)	(*b)	(*y)	(flag)
          Wiki Page Markdown
          HTML Link
          [http://www.example.org Text to display]
          Youtube Markdown

          Example Markdown for testing Jira Ticket
          Jira-000001 - Add saving/restoring of views UI

          h4. Pre-requisites
          # If you don't already have test.war file for this build deployed, you'll need to build it.
          ## Build the ui and deploy the test.war to JBoss
          {panel:title=Verification Steps:|borderStyle=dashed|borderColor=#ccc|titleBGColor=#FBB117|bgColor=#FFF533}
          # Load the test web app using the URL http://JbossMachineName:8080/test
          # Wait for the test web site to load
          # In the upper right, just below the search bar, click on the *Places* icon
          # Observe that the *Places* side pane opens up
          # Click the action button in the lower right.
          # Click *SAVE*
          # Verify that you see your new view place inserted into the *PLACES* list box
          # Verify that the icon shows the "My Shared View" icon
          # Click the action button in the lower right.
          # Name your place *New Place* and do not click the *Share Place* checkbox
          # Click *SAVE*
          # Verify that you see your new place inserted into the *PLACES* list box
          # Verify that the icon shows the "My Non-Shared View" icon
          # Done